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“Watching a woman stand up and achieve her dream is the best evidence that it can be done”

My name is Diruji Dugarte. I'm a Venezuelan architect and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience and graduate studies in architecture and engineering in the Netherlands and Spain. My passion for the power of inspiration led me to change my career path in 2019. It is there when I decided to found the brand Women Thunder.

After being inspired throughout my life by different strong female figures, I thought it was time to return the favor. To do so, I thought of inspiration as a powerful tool to achieve my goal.

My life has been driven by the example of powerful women. Their lives, struggles -and most importantly- their accomplishments, inspired me to reach my goals. They have taught me that confidence together with persistence placed in a plan is the right formula to achieve a happy and fulfilled life. Though, it is true that along the way we encounter situations that tempt us to desist of our dreams. It is here where inspiration plays a huge role.

Inspiration is key in everyone's life because of the power it has in it. Inspiration promotes awareness of new possibilities and clarifies new ways to enrich our goals. It motivates the search for dreams. Once someone is inspired, she/he feels empowered to make their dream work.

Today, I validate the power of inspiration, and to see more women keeping on track of their dreams I have created #womenthunder